Newsable is the shared project space of Anna Jackson and Julie Starr, two factual storytellers with a common interest in making complex issues understandable and telling stories in context and over time. 

We drink coffee together and talk a lot about news and civics in New Zealand, about how the media works, how people find information and use it, and how to make sense of big issues that go on for ever.

We sometimes talk about a charter for responsible publishing: the values that should underpin all good published information.

We talk about how people engage with complex social issues, and what engagement really means.

We talk about how to take credible information, including open public data, and use it to tell stories, or even parts of stories, in a way that’s accessible and makes sense to people.

We talk about:

  • Adding depth to stories by providing more context

  • Telling stories coherently over time (complex issues run for decades or longer)

  • Reaching particular groups of people in formats that make sense for them

  • Tailoring stories for different publishing platforms

  • Measuring reach and engagement in a meaningful way

  • Creating stories that stand the test of time

  • Finding workflows for keeping stories relevant over time

  • Collaborating with others

  • Making stories that are inherently sharable and open

  • Discovering and sharing media tools and techniques and innovative ways of using them

Read about our first project Newsable: On Housing

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