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1. Newsable On: Housing 2

Housing is a perennial and important social issue in New Zealand and one that intersects with many others: poverty, health, retirement, social welfare, climate change.

It’s a complex issue. Or perhaps more accurately a mess of interrelated issues: the “housing crisis”, Auckland house prices, Auckland’s Unitary Plan, the push for warmer, drier rental homes, homelessness, state houses, and the Christchurch rebuild among them.

We’re interested in breaking the issues down and better understanding the various storylines within – not just in election years but as things play out over time.

We’re interested in seeing what’s well covered in the mainstream media and what’s not. Where additional context might make an issue easier to understand. How readers’ experiences might be wrapped in to build a richer picture. And how to package and repackage stories for different audiences.

Here are a few things we’ve got under way at the moment.

Newsable Studio

We’re running The Newsable Lab as a Colab studio project at AUT with Bachelor of Creative Technologies students.

Taking housing in Auckland as a starting point, students are exploring ways that creative technologies, digital journalism and interactive storytelling tools and techniques can be used to:

• Communicate a complex social issue (housing) to a target audience

• Give context to key issues and perspectives

• Reach and engage a target audience (eg 18- to 25-year-old Aucklanders)

• Invite meaningful participation (reasoned and respectful discussion & debate)

Cataloguing housing datasets and information

Working on the principle that it pays to research what’s already out there before launching anything new, we’re pulling together a list of datasets and other information sources about housing in New Zealand.

It’s in a public Google spreadsheet (along with some useful storytelling tools) and you’re welcome to use it, copy it or add to it.

We’re interested in working with like-minded people so please get in touch and subscribe for updates.